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Rebalance Airdrop Loot#1055

It feels like air drops as of now have either really shit loot or something incredibly good, but those incredibly good things don’t appear too often. I’m not saying make them appear more often, but at least take out things like stone spears that have no reason to be in a “government?” air drop full of other weapons and ammos.

2 years ago

maybe just remove the actual high tier stuff like C4 but make mid tier things like a sar (or its mili equivalent) more likely to drop.

2 years ago

i think if they only remove stone spear from locked, airdrop and elite crates would be enough

8 months ago
Changed the status to
2 months ago

if it’s air aid, you can add building materials,food, and water to.

Pov: sorry my English,i am from Russia

12 days ago

Completed now that it is in-game?

3 days ago