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Blow tube to hunt small animals for cloth among other resources#13309

Case for a Blowgun

As I recently started playing Rust as a solo I can attest that in the early game cloth can be a scarce resource (especially for a new player that is avoiding monuments and the recycler), thus making the bow a fairly costly expenditure.

Without a ranged weapon -apart from throwing things- the gap between a player and those with a bow is very big, in my opinion too big. And I believe this is where a blowgun aka blow tube will fit in nicely. For three reasons:

  1. The blowgun will equip the player with a intermittent ranged weapon to at least allow for a form of defense versus an opponent with a bow. Because without it, your only option is 3 to 4 spears and use them as javelins.
  2. This blow tube is actually to be designed to hunt for small animals. Next to food and bones, hunting small game provides the player with the necessary cloth to make progression.
  3. Quick access to an entree level ranged weapon gives the new player the necessary ranged combat experience and also lowering the learning curve a bit in the harsh world of Rust. Also read #7966.

Costs and ammunition
The blowgun ought to be a craftable weapon (whose blueprint is known from the start) from only wood. An advanced version of the weapon could be a metal pipe, that requires a blueprint and L1 workbench, this model is more durable and is longer in length, thus allowing greater shooting range. These weapons do not operate without ammunition. I suggest the following projectiles types:

  • stone pellets (cost: stone)
  • wooden darts (cost: wood)
  • wooden darts, point tipped in poison (cost: wood + poisonous berries).
  • metal pellets (cost: metal)
  • metal darts (cost: metal)
  • metal darts, point tipped in poison (cost: metal + poison)
    Also see #1910 poison darts and #13324 harvestable bushes.

As suggested by @Rasmus Fink in #1369, I think it is a nice feature if this form of ammunition could also be thrown on its own, albeit at a far slower speed and/or damage. In general I’d say that the damage of the primitive weapon should be low, but effective at killing small game. However a careful aim for the head will do damage to humans. The metal version aims to be a silent finisher or assassination tool to poison/drug the opponent. Also the sound of metal pellets can be used as a distraction and enhancing stealthy plays.

Additional notes
For this weapon to be truly effective I believe it is required for multiple small animals to be added to the game that can be hunted for resources, cloth in particular. Think of rodents, rabbits and birds #752. Having these around make the world a richer place..

a year ago

Okay can I just say well done on how much effort you put into this suggestion. And your linking to other posts too.
Really nice to see man :)
(also, nice suggestion :D )

a year ago

Or you can use scrap to buy tactical gloves and then recycle them to get your cloth.

a year ago