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Please add: Hide Armor Pants#13525

Why is there no feral version of armor for the legs? There’s Hide Poncho for the upper body, but none for the lower body. The Jeremiah Johnsons of Rust who know how to live off the land, are forced to always wear Wood Armor Pants instead of procuring lower body armor off of an animal.

Hide Armor Pants use would not be limited to the early stages of the game. Players like me who enjoy not freezing to death, or being able to enter into high radiation zones freely, or even enjoy a slight boost of explosion resistance, readily utilize Wood Armor Pants combined with higher tier gear. The Road Sign Kilt is very restrictive and detrimental for wandering around, as the game intended. It is meant for battle and little else.

The Hide Armor Pants would provide the alternative stats that the Hide Poncho provides over the Wood Chestplate. That being more resistance against cold and radiation elements instead of stats that favor direct confrontation with players.

Hide Armor Pants would further allow gear customization in the late game and give more options in the early game for primitive players trying to establish themselves in the increasingly dangerous Rust world.

5 months ago