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Mechanic Gearboxes for the Upcoming Vehicles!#13538

Almost every game in cars have automatic gearboxes, if you dont know what i mean then what im saying every game in cars have W instantly go forward and just speeds up and S reverse, so with the mechanic gearboxes you can choose with what gear you can drive for example i wanna go slow on a bridge, instead of pressing W W W W W every second, just push it to first gear and drivers slowly.
Ofcourse you would need to be in first person to see your RPM and other things, if you want to go faster just ramp it up to 2k RPM or +
im literally like talking about a real life car, but if the game has Vehicle Parts, so why not have a mechanical gearbox. its just an idea, if you wouldn’t like it you could change it from Mechanical - Automatic, since not everyone knows how to use them.

5 months ago