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Add Kill List to Auto Turrets in PeaceKeeper Mode#13550

What: Add a Kill List to Auto Turrets for when they are in PeaceKeeper mode.

How: Add a player to the Kill List similar to how you can “Give Bag to Friend.”
Remove all players from the Kill List by Clearing Auth on the turret.

Why: I like to run shops and keep my auto turrets in PeaceKeeper Mode to protect customers but every once in a while ill get players that like to take advantage of the PeaceKeeper setting and either greif the turrets or the customers. They get in to position holding a rock and find blind spots, then either pull out a spear and melee it to death or a bow and shoot it causing the auto turret to aggro them and drain ammo by shooting in to the wall. Another thing they do is get their team mate to trigger the heartbeat sensor by holding a rock which opens the doors, then they snipe it from afar. Its gotten to the point that I cant leave the Heartbeat Sensors that control the turret doors on when I’m not at the shop which basically negates the use of the heartbeat sensor with the turret doors while in PeaceKeeper mode. Now, I dont always know which players are doing this but when I do find out who they are, I’d like to be able to add them to a Kill List so that the Auto Turret shoots them on sight even when the turret is in PeaceKeeper mode. Also, there are some players I just don’t like, who I would not like to sell say rockets and boltes to. They see a good deal in my shop, roll up, and bam, no sale to you! =).

Conclusion: Thank you for a spectacular game that is getting better all the time.

9 days ago

Good idea

9 days ago