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Vending machines and computer stations should require power#14384

It would continue the trend that all electrical items require power

a year ago

and then they could add electrical output from vending machines when items are bought and when it is out of stock

a year ago

I dont think so. It would be shop trap bases op and everyone would be afraid to buy anything

a year ago

nope nope and no

a year ago

they should at least make it need to plut into a wall outlet. but i guess they already do that in a way.

a year ago

if they do this, shops will be in main bases and it will be too risky go to them. Everyone will afraid to be killed near bases.
Vending machine require power is WORST idea !!
It will be end for buiseness

a year ago

its very easy to set it up even in a dedicated shop base. there’s 2 options.

Option 1: If vending machine needs less than 10 energy, place solar panel, connect to small battery, connect battery to vending machine.

Option 2: If vending machine needs less than 20 energy, just hook it up to a solar panel. The shop will then only work during day.

But to be honest i dont thing a vending machine would ever require more than 5 energy so option 1 would be fine.

a year ago

I don’t think this is a great idea. It would discourage people from setting up shop.

a year ago

This would just kill shops even more. They’re already bad late game because you can’t bulk sell quality items because it is a huge raid me sign, and now you want to increase the upkeep cost of a shop drastically?

7 months ago