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Could you please make it for players can easier play rust on chromebook? On chromebooks, we dont exactly have the smae things that regular computers have and it’s inmpossible to join a server on chromebook.

a year ago

Since chrome has a different OS structure, rust would not even run if you tried running it so I don’t know how you got it to run, but I don’t think this feature is coming to rust.

a year ago

You need a ultra high end pc for even reaching about 90 fps on medium settings… running this on a chromebook would force facepunch to start working on the grotesque bad performance this game has. Which seems to be a thing they will avoid at all cost.

a year ago

My chromebook lags when I check my Gmail. I don’t think this will work even though Rust has slightly better graphics than Gmail.

a year ago
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a year ago

Get better pc. Devs won’t turn the game into potato just for your potato pc. If u wanna game get a real gaming computer 💪🏻

2 months ago

ppl really expecting to make the game that puts computers to the test to run on a fucking potato?

a month ago