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Ability to throw back grenades#14629

Look at the title

4 months ago

it would only work if its not like cod where you get a hud notifcation. if it tells you it ruins the games immersion. would have to be no indicator and have to be right on it looking at it to pick it up

4 months ago

Would be a little more realistic to just kick it away, tho, in the direction you’re facing

As said by @Boujeeking , no indicators, just a hotkey specific for that (maybe a kick animation, that can be used in melee range to damage players, and also throws away granades when they are in range).

Kick it in the direction you’re facing, and that is it, if you’re facing a obstacle, you kick it into the obstacle and it can comeback

If it’s still in the air, you kick if back in the air

I say kick, cause I don’t think anyone would try to grab a granade from the ground to throw it back, you don’t know how long that pin’s been off

Actually, no one would probably kick it as well, you’d just run like hell, but hey…

4 months ago