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New guns#15778

Adding new guns like m4 or a glock pistol could add more depth and different guns for the different stages of rust.

3 months ago

STG-44 , and new Mod on weapon Infrared, we have Night Vision Google already so why not :D

3 months ago

Pretty much all guns in the game have a “handmade” version and a “military version”.

  • AK47 = LR300 (which is based on the AR15 platform, however the LR was chosen because it’s very rarely seen in other games compared to M4s, making it stand out)
  • Pump Shotgun = Spas 12
  • “P2” (semi-auto pistol) = M92
  • Custom SMG / Thomson = MP5
  • Bolt action rifle = L96
  • Semi-automatic rifle = M39
  • Revolver = Python

Tbh I’d rather have the primitive aspect of rust be expanded rather than having more guns than needed. Only weapon I’d like to see being implemented is a “handmade” version of the M249, something like a modified thomson with a drum mag or something along those lines.

3 months ago

I would love to see a more options for each tier of weapons. example:
Kriss Vector vs MP5
Potentially making these weapons only discoverable within the wild or in monuments instead of crafting.

3 months ago