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I’m thinking of backpacks with 3 tiers.

  1. Tier could be already found as an naked with no blueprints, but you need to have at least an lvl 1 workbench.
  2. Tier could be found in crates like the little red ones or the wood ones and it could be researched.
  3. Tier could be an Army backpack wich you can only find in green crates like these at the gas stations, it can’t be researched like an M249 or L69.

I personally would add an extra “clothes”slot for backpacks(so not in the players inventory), cause it doesn’t make sense if you can’t carry an backpack on your armor plus it would be cool if you can drop your backpack and the stuff is still in there like in real life.

-you can carry more loot depending on wich tier you have. As example: Tier 1 can carry 6 more slots, Tier 2 twelve; and Tier 3; 18 more slots.
-you can drop faster loot to mates in pvp situations; by dropping the backpack

14 days ago

I think this is cool, but I’d tone down the number of slots. Great Idea :)

14 days ago

its cool but rust makes rust good bcs if you kill 5 guys and they are loaded what are you gonna take with you

14 days ago

Tiers are kinda annoying tbh.

14 days ago

Level 1 : Small cloth pouch (3 slots)
Level 2 : Leather backpack (6 slots)
Level 3 : Military backpack (12 slots)

14 days ago

Agreed with Thomas

14 days ago

Tier 1: 3 slots
Tier 2: 6 slots
Tier 3: 9 slots
or what Thomas said, 18 slots for an item most people will eventually have is a ton of extra space and would change up the dynamic of the game, but I do like the idea.

14 days ago

yeah of course, I wanted to leave the numbers to face punch.
So I decided to just write numbers there as example for other players to understand what I mean

14 days ago

What about this?
No backpack: 2 rows plus hotbar
Tier 1: current inv minus 1 row
Tier 2: same as the current one
Tier 3: current inv plus 1 row + 1 slot hotbar

Tier 1: Basic item. Could be crafted without BPs and WBs. It would require cloth, leather and bones.
Tier 2: WB level 1 or level 2, or you could buy it at outpost for 100 scrap or you could find it in low level crates. It would require cloth, leather, rope and metal frags (or maybe tarp instead of cloth).
Tier 3: You could find it in high level crates. Cannot be crafted, but you are guaranteed to get one from a rig or cargo run.

This is my own idea, I would enjoy this being implemented in the game. And remember guys 10-20 slots would be too OP. It would ruin the whole game.

12 days ago