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Map overhaul#15818

The player map should honestly be heavily reworked. It should be much more interactive for solos and groups. Changes would include the ability to mark multiple places, allowing players to see the distance from their position to the point they’re selecting.

An advanced point-maker would help make the map even more useful. This would include the ability to make permenant points that you can customize the colors, symbols and text of.

The above would be especially useful to large groups that have multiple bases/targets. Text would allow them to help identify what purpose certain marks serve. Colors would help them organize their markers and symbols would help them quickly identify what the marking means. For example, a player could mark an area of danger with a red location marker and an exclamation mark as the symbol. They use that to know what areas to avoid on their way to, for example, their home, marked by a green location marker with a house as the symbol.

This can be expanded on. People should be able to add trackers to their cars, just like they can with locks. They can then use the trackers to see where their car is on the map in case a teammate borrowed it and forgot to return it, they went too far from their car, etc.

3 months ago