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New dedicated trading system#15821

A new trading system should be implemented within the game to help promote player-to-player interaction. When players are right beside each other, they should be able to prompt a trading menu that allows them to securely exchange items. I’ve had quite a few occassions where I try to trade with someone and when they throw their stuff on the ground to give to me, It’ll sometimes glitch and become un-grabbable or it’ll roll off into the distance where you can’t find it.

This presents a lot of opportunities, one of which I’d like to share. Imagine if you open your map/main menu and there was a “trading” section. You click on it and there’s a whole network of players in your server requesting certain items in exchange for other items. You can make requests of your own and have multiple items that you’re interested in. A player can decide to pick up your requests, you would be notified in-game or by the Rust app that someone has picked up your request. From there, you can negotiate with said player about the exchange and where you’ll both meet up

14 days ago

This is what shop fronts are for mostly, adding some form of secure shop fronts to Outpost and Bandit would be cool though.

14 days ago