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The late game in Rust often becomes a logistics nightmare: You raid a large base with lots of crates and you usually despawn 90% of the stuff because it would take hours to carry all that home.

At the same time, vehicles are cool but mainly useless right now. Hence I got the following suggestion:

  1. Allow us to lift placeable containers like crates, fridges etc. While holding them in your hands, you move very slowly. You can place them or drop them. If you drop them (e.g. if you get killed while holding), a world item with no hitbox is generated which you can pick up again (so there can’t be abuse putting lots of crates on a monument or something like that).

  2. Instead of that small trunk module, give us a big transport platform where we can drop multiple large crates.

  3. Allow us to lift those modules using the big scrap helicopter and a rope.

  4. Add a big recycling machine to some monuments with good road access. We can throw whole crates of stuff inside and the machine consumes all the stuff from the boxes that can be recycled, putting the raw materials in another crate (so there is an “input crate” and an “output crate”)

If we had that, we could drive a big fat loot truck to the closest street of our raid target. Then, use a scrap helicopter to carry the boxes back and forth between the raid target. Then, we drive to the next monument with a big recycling machine and crunch all the stuff.

This would be very satisfying, more realistic and also it would be perfect for generating a lot of open world PvP encounters, because you have to defend yourself and your truck all the time.

A little bouns is that this can help small groups versus large clans. Even as a single person you could transport a lot of stuff in bulk, where large zerg clans currently benefit from the large number of inventories of their members.

3 months ago

This is genius

3 months ago

This needs way more attention

3 months ago