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Radio broadcasts#15843


Add a recording station which captures all audio close to it and broadcasts it through speakers or radios set to a certain frequency. Voice chat would allow for remote communication, and with instruments you could play music for the server to hear.

Portable devices such as walkie-talkies or earpieces would also be cool and could allow for easier cooperation between different groups/solo players.

If combined with the already implemented CCTV system, this would also allow for the first rust video chats :D Imagine being able to confront your door camper while watching his every move through your camera.

14 days ago

ok i think the brodcasting to the whole server is a bit over the top i think they should add channels wich players can choose from on a radio/walkie talkie also the CCTV camera is also a greate idea but inst4ead of cameras maybe make it like a speaker that would be cool

13 days ago