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Workbench Deadbolts#17281

A rare drop that makes it harder for people to take the workbenchs. Could be something simple and modular such as deadbolts that strap the workbench down to the foundation. As before, workbenches were not pickupable and perhaps with high quality deadbolts for example would make such as change permanent again at the benefit of making it harder for raiders to take the workbench.

(perhaps the deadbolts take a bit more expo ammo or etc)

Metal Deadbolt (4-8 springs 350 metal frags)
Highquality Deadbolt (4-8 springs 25-50 high quality)

1 deadbolt per corner of the workbench.

4 months ago

I think requiring TC access should be enough.

4 months ago

I agree that having TC access is big but this is a bigger change towards smaller teams. Not everyone can have external TC’s every wipe so having something extra to keep your workbench is a big incentive to keep playing rather than taking a break because you gotta spend the rest of the day farming back a workbench.

However for bigger clans or modded servers I can see this not being an issue as you would have it back within the hour i would presume.

4 months ago