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Nerf oil rig cheeky spots#17284

The goal being to fix cheeky spots where the scientists can’t hit you or can’t get to you. If you are taking oil you should fight the scientists like any normal pvp. Also removing cheeky spots for pvp that hold a much higher advantage over others to hold.

Here are a few examples.

  1. Fix the stairs issues, scientists should be able to shoot through the stairs. Otherwise you can take it with a bow and cards way to easily.
  2. Block the upper space across from heli pad to hide behind on large.
  3. Remove the upper heli drop tower spot on large. (I mean common we complain enough about people roof camping on top of their own base, we don’t need that shit on monuments too.)
  4. Remove the peek overs on small, you can jump / boost up so you can see over the wall and shoot anyone on the first main level of small.
4 months ago

The whole point of those spots is so 1 player with 100 health can practically kill 10 heavy scientists with SPAS and M249s. Not everyone runs around in a 10 man squad to kill half the heavies before they even touch the helipad

4 months ago

@MinotaurMikeFTW Mike I play solo and as a solo I can run oil rigs with a pistol and a hazzy, without using any stairs glitches or cheeky spots. It’s totally not needed. Have half decent aim and learn to play slow and bandage often.

If I have a sar then it’s very ez to clear rigs solo again without any need for cheeky spots.

4 months ago