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Fix your shit#17288

Dear Facepunch Studios,

Please fix your fucking game. It is soooooo unstable. I literally cannot stand it anymore. No other game I’ve played that cost forty fucking dollars will crash (while playing) 3 times in one night, launch fine the next day and then crash multiple times before loading in the day after that. Seriously, stop adding so much new shit and do whatever the fuck you need to do to optimize this game so I can play with my friends and not have to worry about dissapointing them because the game won’t launch. As a sidenote, my PC is perfectly capable of running this game (core i5, GTX 1060, 16gb Vengence DDR4), I should know because it does so when I’m actually playing. I guess the game says otherwise, though. I don’t mean to be a Karen, but cmon.


a year ago

This used to be an issue but they’ve pretty muched fixed it since then, you should reinstall or something or install the game on an SSD if you’re having these issues still.

a year ago

in my 2.6k hours of experience rust has crashed maybe once or twice and that was because of a conflicting program or out of date drivers. Maybe look after your potato a little better?

a year ago