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TC extentions#17290

I would recommend a item that can be directly connected to the tc that will allow it to hold more resources. What i had in mind was a box that you could place and it will be like a box but you fill it with resources and it will give you more time on tc. The reason I think this would be a good idea is because I think if you can afford it do it. This will benefit a lot players, not only clans but smaller groups and solos, the reason i say solos is because they can build bigger bases to protect more of their loot, most people can find people to play with so if they cant keep up with the base they built then get a friend on or find a person to play with that you know you can trust. if you think this only applies to clans use a open mind and think about all the benefits this will have for smaller groups.

3 months ago

Just the idea of expanding a tc storage isnt going to assit a smaller group. That helps larger bases. Most solos or duos arnt going to fully utilize a TC as is. A lot of people store stuff that isnt even upkeep related because they dont need as much for bases. Especially once you start using metal frags which is by far the easiest / most reasonable to upkeep. If you have a full stone base and you keep adding to it, your doing nothing but adding to the time you have to farm each day. Thats your own fault. Upgrade. I dont see how or why a solo would be building a clan size base to protect his/her loot. Its too time consuming and your missing out on what else the game has to offer. Now adding a beacon so to say or range extender. That allows you to build in the zone of the “Alpha” TC would be nice. But expanding isnt going to assit anyone of a smaller group unless they want to hoard their “farm” in the TC which defeats storage boxes except for gear. Which would be bad for balancing raids etc.

2 months ago