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Mute specific players#1789


Option to mute specific players in chat and in voice comms

a year ago

Seems too tedious, especially when it comes to a lot of spammers and you don’t know who the cause is. This also come with servers with 200 players, seems too dumb.

a year ago

From those two hundred players, there’s typically gonna be max two dozen that you’d like to mute in chat. Voice, however, I don’t know - it can be annoying, but so can be any other action they take in game. You can stop them from shouting by killing them, so that’s not that much of an issue.

a year ago

If you don’t want to hear them, kill them. If you don’t want to see them, raid them.

Global text chat is likely to be eliminated soon anyways.

a year ago

This recommendation is pussy shit

a year ago

please fix the mute feature.

10 months ago
Changed the status to
8 months ago