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combining salt with fuel =Explosives#18006

we get salt by desalinating sea water by Powered Water Purifier

Make a Powered Water Purifier

pure water comes out

  • Salt resulting from the evaporation process
    If we combine it using the Mixing Table
    We get Explosives

    <NaCl >

steam /mancheesteer

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a month ago

i think you skipped your chemistry classes, im shit at chemistry and even i know NaCl is just salt lmao.

idk how salt can explode but sure (you have to heat it if you want explosion)

a month ago

Just suggest that I want to combine it with the fuel

a month ago

HOw is that. Supposed to………………………………… What?

a month ago


a month ago

This is a genuinely stupid idea on many levels.

a month ago

If you combine nitrates with fuel you get explosives.

Salt is the result of an acid/base reaction.

You could use the mixing table to separate the sodium from the chloride. Then you’ll have a metal that explodes on contact with water and a poison gas.

a month ago