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Bounty system to kill a player and reward the killer#18008

You want someone to die ?

Go to bandit zone
Create a bounty with your scrap or any items to reward the bounty hunter
Any players can accept one [or more ?] bounty missions and earn rewards in the bandit zone
Kill anyone with a bounty on his head and earn your reward

To earn the reward you have to bring the HEAD [not crushed]

The head can be stolen by anyone that will kill you too

Be notified when the bounty has been completed

8 days ago

Bounty can have extra information given by the creator as where the player to kill live [bounty incon on the map ?]

Maybe the bounty can reward a base raid, the tool cupboard will create a piece of wood that will prove you destroyed it [like head skull]?

8 days ago
1 But overall I like it too. It could be an alternative to dealing with cheaters. Its easy to cheat and take out a guy or two. It’s a different story when you have half the server after you.

8 days ago

yes this is a cool idea. A notice board in bandit camp with wanted posters .

7 days ago

Just wait for the fabeled Rust.Net that’s TOTALLY going to be made in our lifetime.

5 days ago

works until you get into duo+ territory. Kill your own friend for the reward while you’re both at base

4 days ago

That isn’t how bounties work at all @MinotaurMikeFTW Mike

3 days ago

@MinotaurMikeFTW Mike we can protect this. if two player are or were in a TEAM then they will never receive any bounty by killing each other until server wipe. So they cant abuse the system :)

2 days ago

@Zaconil @Sk3lGames People don’t have to join a team to work together? plenty of evidence from any solo or solo/duo server when people roam together and get banned for it. If it works by just bringing in a head to an npc after someone else put out a hit, that’s all it would take to get the reward. Claiming otherwise is just asinine, then again @Zaconil, most of your comments are

a day ago

I mean zac thinks that being pro free speech makes you a racist lmfao.

a day ago