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fix the night please#18021

Too dark.

8 days ago

This is intentional. People would cheat by messing with their brightness and gamma making night time useless. It more than likely will never change. it has been rejected in the past.

7 days ago

People already cheat by messing with their brightness. If anything, it would help the people who don’t cheat by giving them a chance. Also, i think if enough people ask for it, they will eventually implement it.

7 days ago

Proof? As of right now the only way to beat Rust’s night time outside of NVGs is aimbot. The pitch black is specifically to beat exactly what you described.

Either way it doesn’t matter. Anytime something gets marked “rejected” by facepunch it never gets implimented.

7 days ago

proof that people are already doing it:

Facepunch should realize that there is something wrong with their game when most people just choose to be afk during nighttime. And instead of fixing the problem, they just add some shitty NVGs that cost 250 scrap at bandit camp, only last 15 minutes and you have to have a lv 2 workbench to recharge.

7 days ago

Read that guide. Its only for when the full moon is out. You can already see fairly well with a full moon. It also does not work in indoor areas or anything near a new moon.

6 days ago

It’s still what you could call an exploit, as it gives some players advantage over others. This could become more even if they just made nights lighter + it would basically take 0 time to do so.

5 days ago

The pitch black night is rightfully dark and full of whiners.

3 days ago

No need to insult people because they want something different. Also, i don’t see how “the pitch black night is rightfully dark” is an argument.

3 days ago