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Horizontal, openable windows.#18866

With the recent change to reinforced glass windows and HQM windows, I think a nice compromise would be the introduction of a window deployable that can be opened partially. It could only allow shooting / looting through it when opened, but would not allow player movement through the window frames. Allow it to be code locked and make it 500 HP. This would work like the old reinforced glass windows, except it could be opened when you want to shoot out of it and closed when not in use. Make them not able to be picked up (like metal shop fronts) to prevent players from using them like the reinforced glass windows. (Exclusively using window frames as doorways than garage doors / hqm doors by picking up the reinforced glass.) Don’t make them cost / upkeep HQM as they cannot be picked up and act as a nice middle ground between the new reinforced glass windows (350 HP) and the new HQM windows (500 HP).

2 months ago

This is genius.

2 months ago