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Military Variations missing.#18874


I believe it’s a Rust trend to have a “scrap” and a military grade version of each thing(mostly guns, for now).
This is just a list of things Rust does not have a “military grade” version yet:
-Unarmed version of a Patrol Helicopter(with a different color)
-Military variations of Metal Facemask and Chestplate.
-Either the Custom SMG or the Thompson lack a military variation, since the MP5 has a high fire rate, an UMP-45 would be a nice military version of the Thommy.
-Cars, of any type.
-Sure…missing a scrap version of Bradley, but I don’t thing that’s a good idea. ;)
-Also missing a scrap version of the M249, but I think crafting ANY version of an M2 is bad for balancing the game, so please don’t. =D

10 days ago

rare military armor would be great

9 days ago

@Hugo_beghelli1 The MP5 is the military version of SMGs.

8 days ago