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Pistol Ammo, Armor Piercing.#18875


Every type of ammo has an unique and exclusive variation, except the Pistol Ammo.
Arrows have the Bone variation, which expands the hitbox, 5.56 has the explosive ammo.
I believe Pistol Ammo could use its own unique variation, one that pierces armor.
Of course, the right value is debatable, should it be 10% armor piercing, maybe 100%? Hard to pick a number.
But since all weapons that rely on this ammo are limited to distance, I think it wouldn’t break the game to implement such an ammo type, if used for “Pistols” only.

10 days ago

Ah yes, let’s give the python and M92 the ability to ignore armor for no downside. What an amazing idea with no flaws whatsoever.

9 days ago

Maybe you should have read it, I don’t mean 100% armor piercing, but at least some percentage, they are already limited by distance.

9 days ago

but why? pistols are supposed to be worse than rifles, also there are already incendiary and hv bullets for pistols.

8 days ago

In terms of overall damage, rifles will still be better, I don’t mean 100% armor penetration, maybe a sweet spot between 20 and 60%.
With the exception of the MP5, all pistol ammo guns has poor accuracy at over 70 meters, plus the damage they lose from range is quite heavy.
I believe that’s a good counter to the new “Heavy Horse/Plate Armor” meta.
Also, arrows also have HV and Incendiary variations…nothing unique for pistol ammo.

8 days ago

@Hugo_beghelli1 Perhaps don’t use a cqb weapon at long range? That’s like complaining a bolty is outclasses by a shotgun at 5 meters

8 days ago

@MinotaurMikeFTW Mike That’s not my point. The other guy said it would be too OP, I said pistol ammo guns are already limited by distance…
If my complaint was that, I would suggest increasing it’s range…
Then again, who said it should be 100% armor penetration?
Every other type of ammo has something unique of its own, if Pistol Ammo were to have an unique type of ammo, what you think would be best?

7 days ago