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Tier1,2,3 horses.#18876

Tier 1,2,3 horses.

Tier 1 wild horse. Low stats, found wild in groups (rare). Needs saddle. Cannot carry a full heavy metal set player or equip armour. Runs away if shot with no rider. Will wonder around if not tied off.
So fresh spawns might get lucky if they make a saddle an find a horse. That’s something I feel a lot of players miss but the different tiers will help keep everything relevant.
Can breed to make stalions.

Tier 2 stalion. The one you buy, comes with saddle. Better stats, less decay rate. Can either equip heavy armour or carry a heavy armour equip player not both. Can call too you with a whistle within eyesight. Runs away when shot with no rider.

Tier 3 thoroughbred. Must breed two tier 2 horses. Best stats. Very slow decay rate. Can equip heavy armour and heavy armoured player. Can call too you with whistle if in eye sight. Runs away if shot with no rider. But whistle will override.
Add on
Well trained-imprinting- can be made to allow only one rider. Will throw anyone else who tries.
Permanent choice made when breeding. Might allow you to get your horse back but prevents others from sharing it.

Additional thoughts. Add a mount and dismount radial timer for getting on and off the horse. Just a few seconds. To simulate the action. (Cars too) Make it slower for heavy armoured players. This might help with horse knights riding up and just instant dismounting with an ak. Maybe even make armour players have to fully stop to dismount. Realistically a running dismount is hard, I know a little about this. So I can’t see dismounting while moving if armoured.
Something similar should be added to cars so you can’t jump out driving or maybe you take damage based on speed.

Increase bullet spray when moving from horse back depending on speed. Better saddles can mitigate this effect.

Better saddles can decrease stamina drain from horses while running.
So will being unarmoured.
An better horse shoes.

2 months ago