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Vending Machines and Computer Stations should require power#18877

Reviving this post:

10 days ago

This post is a middle finger to shops

8 days ago

@MinotaurMikeFTW Mike You’re just very close minded. Computer stations should require power, no question about it.
Vending machines on the other hand are an extremely powerful item, that we don’t get to have access to for those who make electrics. Have a sort of storage monitor on the VM.
We could have output, know the amount of items in store, when someone buys an item. VM deserve an update.
People have been using them the same way for ever (as clan storage) that shouldn’t be the case, or should at least be nerfed.

8 days ago

I’m closed minded for saying that vending machines should not require power? Shops already are very limited on what you can sell, and people don’t want to go anywhere near a shop with solar panels or wind turbines because it’s likely a trap base. Saying that there could be benefits for machines by adding power as an option is an entirely different story. And as for the whole clan storage thing, just make it them have more HP then drop items or make them only placable in door frames or something. The fact you called me closed minded simply for having a different opinion from you actually shows the opposite. Just like every libtard who calls someone a fascists for disagreeing with them while calling for their speech rights to be taken away

12 hours ago