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Switch to Unity HDRP#2

The new render pipeline will solve a number of current renderer issues and anecdotal evidence suggests that it will perform better.

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
a year ago

i don’t know what this means but I see ‘perform better’ and me likey

a year ago

Nope it shouldnt be dificult at all appart from fixing some texture bugs, but its making that descision to switch piplines(irreversable) so he garry would need a backup and that could pottentially take time, unity is not in a very good spot atm.

a year ago

Hoping this involves more of the graphics/performance overhauls we’ve been getting teased about!

a year ago

Please, fix it for Mac players, we are not able to play since June. HEAR US

a year ago

Try using Nvidia GeForce NOW, its free and in beta. Just wait a couple of days to a week or 2 and you will be able to play Rust.

a year ago

@Garry Newman this feature will increasy the specs of the computer a player must have. Why the team decided to do it?

IMHO the game looks good the way it is, but i’d love to know or give us a preview or a concept of what facepunch is expecting for the graphics in Rust.

IMO the game is lacking rich content to increasy more variety gameplay. Adding graphics specs will make alot of players with middle-end computers lost their game because it wont run. So here my question:

Does “Potato quality preset” will be the same for those people? Or facepunch public target is only high-end computers?

a year ago

@Plantaget Hej they aren’t changing the engine. Unity3D will stay. HDRP is just a rendenring profile for better quality. I think it will take awhile because there were alot of features release on Unity that they must be looking to migrate and/or adapt. Specially with shaders.

2 months ago

Absolutely hilarious when non game-devs spout nonsense on here.

2 months ago

@Lenni L Trueee cx

a month ago

For me the most annoying bugd on Rust with a top notch PC is:

  1. You can see the texture devides with a line, like the game graphics is stich togheter, pretty nasty and anoying.

  2. Seems apparently it only happens to me when there is alot going on. You have 110 FPS, in a compound, 3 or 4 big furnace then you decide to take out the attack heli, suddently FPS drops to 3.

a month ago

Looks like this is not happening now, may want to move to the correct section.

17 days ago

what part of that twitter post implicated that it was cancelled?

9 days ago

@Trojanweed according to the google search (image), impov i cannot infer the word “cancelled” or “never” or similar ones that you’re trying to imply regarding the @Ty Brown‘s question and regarding @Alistair McFarlane‘s twitter post.


8 days ago