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Patrol Helicopter event leaving too soon#20272

the AI for it needs serious improvement, as a player that takes patrol heli, staying another 30 min in game just to wait for patrol helicopter to spawn just to find out it never patrols over my base it feels like a waste of time, also, when it decides to leave the map, ignores completely the fact it is already in an active fight and leaving us wasting bullets just for the heli to fly away for no reason, my suggestions are:

  • search for players that are considered a thread, like, people with snipers, of tier 3 weaponry so everyone that actually WANTS to fight the helicopter do not waste time waiting for it and never fly close

  • when leaving, please, do not ignore players actually wanting a fight, sometimes, after waiting for an hour, the helicopter finally flies near the base just because it was leaving… if it gets hit, please engage the player who shot at it, do not ignore, is frustrating to wait 2 heli events in a row just to never see it, and when it finally appears, it ignores you.

I am taggin this as a bug, a fix is for this is long time due… like, years of playing rust, the problem is still there

5 months ago

Tagging the Heli (getting it to come close) is easy. Build your tower near a monument. The Heli patrols each monument before leaving…

But I agree with it leaving mid-fight though that is annoying as hell

5 months ago

AI in general in this game needs a lot of improvement

5 months ago

@Raymond Morgan yes, I understand the position mechanic, building near a monument or in the path between 2, etc, is understandable, the helicopter cant fly all over the map, but I will add some random locations with bases, instead of only patroling monuments…

leaving mid fight is terrble game experience, as players we prepare for the event just to waste bullets in a helicopter that just surrenders and fly away :<

5 months ago