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Add Tags to Server List / Advanced search#20274

Adding tags or advanced search to the server list would be usefull if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a server, it would save you from looking in the list and writing in the search bar without really knowing what to write.

How would it work?

  • They’re would be a text like “Group size” and you could choose “Solo” “Duo” “Trio” or even choose more than one. Another example would be “Map Wipe” and you could choose “Weekly” “Bi-weekly” …

What else could tags be used for?

  • Many more things like “Bluepring wipe” “Map size” “Max Player Amount” “PvP or PvE” …

If you think of more tags that could be used i ask you to leave it in the comment, im sure there’s some thing i forgot about, thanks.

It would also be usefull to sort servers by age.

5 months ago

More tags : Minigames, No decay

5 months ago

#20139 - I highly suggest going here if we actually want this to happen. Basically the same exact concept

5 months ago