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The sun in Rust, the baddest MAJ EVER#20278


Please , are you serious with your sun ? Not even realistic which has the sole purpose of dazzling people and losing fights.
No one has ever asked for fog or anything no kidding the game is full of little bugs but you prefer to put a totally ridiculous atmosphere that annoys everyone.

Please turn down the sun and the weather in Rust, it’s useless
AquaPulco <3

5 months ago

too bright

5 months ago

This isn’t Fortnite lol – the weather effects definitely add to the survival atmosphere I think. I agree they were over the top last month but this month they have been fine.

5 months ago

I think the idea would be to lower brightness a little bit and then it should be better. Currently it’s way too excesively inmersive.

5 months ago