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Ladders not sticking on walls + NEW Grappling Hook Gun !#20281

Since the ladders came in, we know there’s been on & off times with it, trying to patch it, including & excluding them out the building zone, but there s one bigger problem imo with it : the way of accessing the top or mid floors of a standart building with the ladders is too easy and unrealistic when not owning an helicopter (or a grappling hook ;) ). You can indefinitely stick ladders on the wall, holding onto almost nothing sometimes, avoiding the anti ladder roofs, ruining the architecture of the houses if not meant for PVP defense & camping ultimate protection but Aesthetic of the game play experience. Ladders should be found in a couple of different lengths and only be placeable on grounds !! interior and exterior.

5 months ago

I have to agree, ladders really are crazy OP. To be honest I think raiding in general is OP. There’s not much skill in it anymore since Turrets became powered.

It’s purely now a game of how much sulfur and time are you prepared to invest in a raid (unless the occupants happen to be online).

Even speaking as someone who loves to do a raid, it would be great if better offline-defence options were available to help your base withstand attacks. Would make building those defences (and raiding them) a lot more fun.

5 months ago