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Console Version#204

I was just wondering if porting rust to console is still happening in the future ? Ive noticed it was taken off the rust roadmap ?

4 years ago

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4 years ago

Please let us know if your planning to have this game ported to console. Xbox one you removed it from your road map. I have waited for almost 4 years and no update just please confirm or deny something. Thank you

4 years ago

Pedro just buy a pc it won’t go to console until it’s finished and there’s no more major updates, whenever that may be.

4 years ago

@Billyog the games amazing Got new console and everything.

a year ago

Why u need pay moeny to play online u can just make free to play online and make the skins on gun walls etc etc that u have pay on rust consloe

10 months ago

There should be a way to play solo rust, and I don’t mean a bunch of just solos running around, I mean like in Ark. Just you and the NPCs. I feel like this would definitely increase the number of people playing rust, granted there’s plenty out there. But especially on console. Here on console, there should be something for the competitive AND the casual players. I’m not sure about you, but I work and I enjoy playing rust, it just sucks because while I’m at work, I always get raided. And I don’t have a whole lot of time to dump into this game and set myself up nicely. I just want to experience what it’s like to be the top dog just once. In my opinion, just doing things like Oil rig and fighting Bradley would be so fun by yourself without the stress of people jumping you as soon as you collect the loot. Please hear me out, solo worlds. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

9 months ago

You guys need to add solo servers on rust console edition there have been way to many time where I loaded into the server on wipe day and got loaded and have gotten ran up on by 4-8 guys and I usually kill 3-4 of them but because they have the numbers they always win but if they were solo none of them would even have a chance I think that it’s stupid threat nobody’s can play the game solo or even duo just add solo servers stop working on other updates and stuff and get to work on the solo sessions my friends were thinking about playing the game solo aswell and I told them that playing solo is basically pointless because there are no solo servers and told them not to download the game because it is trash without the solo servers.

8 months ago

Fix the invisible mountains bro wyf is this at least make it where your body doesn’t fall through and invisible fuckin rock

7 months ago

That’s not how rust works bud

5 months ago

Rust please fix yor time delay on your monthly wipes me and my 13 man zerg have been waiting nearly a whole hour and we still cant get into the store let alone get onto an actual server so please can you respond and fix me and my friends issues whenever possible

3 months ago


3 months ago