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make fireplaces heat bases#21

over a year ago on a devblog when helk added fireplaces he said he’d have them heat bases (all foundations it’s connected to like the new TC system) but alas it never happened and nobody lives in artic biome because there’s no way to heat your base

a year ago

Fireplaces, and electric heaters making use of electricity, should both provide heat to entire base, or at least a much larger radius (within the base).

a year ago

This would make snow bases op however, the heating would have to have significant more cost than just wood in a fireplace @Submersed @wojak

a year ago

It wouldn’t make snow bases OP, it would make snow bases livable.

a year ago

Maybe make it a radious, they already kind of already do this, and it would make snow bases op wojak, and they already are livable

a year ago

@CatGamez I think for it to be realistic, heat should only expand to connected foundations and all floors above those connected foundations so long as those floors have an additional floor above them

This way, the top floor will not be heated, because there is no floor above it (open air).

Radius is the easy way but doesn’t make much sense. If I’m 15m away from the fireplace for example, but I’m outside in the cold, it shouldn’t provide me any heat.

a year ago

Or heat the room and connected rooms if they are not closed off.

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

I would say have a heater that you can feed either wood or Crude oil too and just so it is not OP just have something like springs/Coils that need to be replaced or have it attached to TC upkeep with metal scrap.

a year ago

I think a wood stove would be a viable option as well for a mid tier heat option. But I would recommend ALL of the listed requirements below.

  • Give these items a radius/cone of effect similar to the campfire/furnace but a bit larger.
  • Have them ONLY AFFECT the floor they are on.
  • Restrict their heat effects from going through walls/doorways/floors/windows.
  • Make the wood/fuel consumption rate SIGNIFICANTLY higher than the campfire/furnace.
  • Add their blueprint/recipe to an appropriate work bench level requirement.
  • Only allow ONE stack of fuel with a reduced capacity so that it will require more effort to maintain it’s effects.
  • Make ONE open slot for coal.
a year ago

This has got to be inevitably one of the most anticipated changes in the game for me. As someone who wishes to live in the snow both in and out of the game, a lovely fireplace would do me wonders if it had the ability to warm up more areas in the house. Please make this possible. More settlers would pack up and move into the snow, leaving less crowded terrain in my opinion as the base locations will now be more disperse.

a year ago

Tons of people live in arctic biome. What you talking about????

7 months ago

wood is the hard to get resource in snow, so i wouldn’t mess with the quantity’s to have it running, just use it as you would in a normal house

6 months ago

I think the heat should rise as long as your campfire is on, and then reduce if you leave the door open or something. Sort of like how it is in real life :)

3 months ago

This should be dead easy now. Copy code from electric heaters. Done

a month ago

People certainly do live in arctic biome, I have been doing it for a while with my friend and we don’t even get electric heating but with enough clothes we’re just fine.

6 days ago