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Fix items and NPCs spawning#22588

Enough of

● Bandit guards spawning on top of hobo barrels, slowly dying of terrible death
● Crate blending a player:
● Scientist parkour:
● Bradley spawning in your face while running through Launch Site
● Crates spawning in front of you, when you are looking at the spot …

Check when spawning an NPC what is it they are going to be placed on. If it’s a blacklisted prefab like hobo barrel for example then move spawn point or delay.

Check before spawning items like crates whether the spawn point is in sight of a player. If yes, then attempt to spawn elsewhere (not in sight) or delay.

You get the idea. Yes, it’s a lot of work to be done. But it will make the whole experience a bit more believable and … we deserve it!

a year ago