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More Storage Options#22728


I’d love to see more storage options to create more varied loot rooms.

  • File Cabinets that are like vertical small boxes with double storage.
  • Single Lockers. Similar to small and large planers, treat the current 3 wide locker as a large locker and add a small locker.
  • Big chest that is similar footprint to large box but tall enough it doesn’t fit on shelves but holds more stuff.
  • Hanging cabinets. Like a 2 door cabinet from a kitchen that can hang on any wall. A little bigger than a dropbox, similar placement rules.
  • Metal barrel that only holds one type of thing. So it could be used for like stone or charcoal and it can hold say 25k but just one. So it can’t hold 10k stone and 10k charcoal. Think of it like its just a pile of stuff so you can’t pick and choose but it is efficient storage for things you have a lot of to separate it from boxes.
  • Even combined things like a bed that has a little storage under it.
2 months ago

This sounds very nice! especially the barrel storage

2 months ago

I like the barrel too

2 months ago