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Add chess#22737

“street chess” was actually more common in russia (where the rust setting takes place apparently) than texas holdem or any of those things also. They’re great, but chess would be an amazing addition.


16 days ago

Good idea!

16 days ago

Although I guess you’ll have to add AI to check against cheaters so who knows. Maybe it won’t work. 100% that 100% of players will be cheating

16 days ago

Very easy to check for cheaters - all major online chess platforms do so using Stockfish. Requiring tight time controls also helps as an anti-cheat measure.

16 days ago

estricting to like blitz or bullet will be a bit useful it might be restrictive. But also not THAT useful. I mean, download any free chess app to your phone, set it on ‘hardest AI’ and it’ll crush any non-player without the flag falling on bullet.

And I don’t think stockfish integration is happening to rust lol.

15 days ago