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Separate tiers more#22738

This is how a new wipe usually goes:
Wipe day, log in as soon as server wipes with our group.
Run around getting some stuff with bows, after about 10 minutes we can already hear SMGs going off (some lucky boi finds in green crate in oxums), by end of day 1 there’s groups running full AK set and rocket raids.

What’s the point of having progression if the progression is like 20 minutes long in a weekly wipe, never mind in a monthly.
Let the wipe develop a bit, make progression and low tier game more a thing.

My suggestion is to separate tiers by making loot tables change over time. This way it will not hurt solos and small groups.

The chance for AK and hqm doors day one for example should be 0.
The chance on day 2 higher, day three normal, etc.

On monthly/biweekly u can then scale it

16 days ago

This has been a constant complaint here forever. But its one of those things that is hard to find a solution without completely breaking the game.

16 days ago

I know.

I think this suggestion is good because it doesn’t punish small groups and solos, while pretty much all other things FP have been doing benefits only large groups

16 days ago

@Lightzy very true

16 days ago

We need something like this. Maybe with attached one-time events, like at wipe day there is no scientists, but then first scientist expeditions arrive via boat, they start roaming the roads. That would be the opening of tier 2. Then after a while they get message back home (wherever that is) and reinforcements arrive: Bradley APCs, Chinooks, patrol helicopters, occupation of oil rigs etc, eventually unlocking everything else.

16 days ago

This is what everyone has been saying since day one. GARRY fix this shit have it where you can’t craft high level weapons the first day of wipe.

15 days ago

You should’ve seen the progression during the component system. People had AK smelting operations on twig foundations lol

14 days ago