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Ship wreck monument#23225

It would be cool to have a cargo ship that got wrecked on the coast of the island. Interesting parkour could be added as well.

The puzzle requiring you to jump across part of the deck, and use a blue and green card to get inside the cabin/crew room with the main loot.

11 days ago

Yes please sounds really good

10 days ago

Based on other improvements they have planned (scientist patrol boat, enhanced terrain generation allowing for more ocean islands, etc), it seems pretty likely there will be an “ocean update.”

10 days ago

Perhaps an underwater NPC as well to protect it? Maybe an undead ghost of the captain who was killed in the shipwreck.

Someone with a harpoon or something, that can also give you that harpoon if you kill him.

9 days ago

An undead ghost what the fuck 😂

8 days ago