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Give Rust+ its own deticated API, aside from IFTTT#23972

I love the new IFTTT addition to the app, but I think this will suit everyone in a bad way in the long run. IFTTT has horendous costs for both customers and publishers:

  • Customers have a max of three IFTTT calls on the free tier. This means that if Rust players already have a couple of IFTTT events set up for their smart home, they will have to choose between Rust and their own smart home appliances, or paying IFTTT.
  • Publishers will pay a lot of money to IFTTT in the long run. There are loads of stories online about how smart appliance companies had to stop using IFTTT because over the years they jack up the price, because of their growing monopoly. Anecdotally, I could not use my own smart LED strip anymore, because the publisher left IFTTT. Especially for enterprise solutions, like Rust, this could mean that in a few years players will have to switch again, because Facepunch might have to shut it down.


Give community developers access to some kind of pub/sub API. This would give the community even more freedom to do whatever they want with the Rust+ app, while still setting your own limits on what types of events people may subscribe to. And in addition there won’t be any IFTTT costs for both the players and for the studio.

This also allows for way more detailed events, like what server the event happened in, the name of the player that has just come online in your team, etc. because broadcasting that kind of information is easy in a websocket environment.

And the IFTTT solution could always stay in place, for the people that want an easy way to integrate Rust+ into their own IoT devices, without programming knowledge.

Pub/Sub APIs are widely used by platforms such as Twitch and Twitter and they are a perfect fit for this situation.

5 months ago