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Buff water wells#23973

Farming is harder for people who live in the center of the mainland. All freshwater sources are pretty far away. Waterwells are pretty useless because of the slow pump rate, amount of pumped water, and the fact that you can’t attach a hose to a water truck.

5 months ago

I would just like inland lakes, that are also fed by springs.
Also, like their is small dirt roads. Make smaller canals,
give canals current, so you get led by rapid current downstream

4 months ago

I agree, I wish and have Suggested before they add Rivers that run across the map. Never understood why the majority of rivers are on tiny islands, or right next to an ocean.

4 months ago

water wells just need barrel spawns lmao

4 months ago

Lets not forget the food cost per pump as well

4 months ago