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Realistic upgrade for storage monitor#24034

Have all connected devices on Rust+ that have a storage monitor be searchable.

For example, instead of looking through chest by chest to find an item, you search it on the app and it will show you which chests have that item based on the monitor name. This way you can have faster inventory management and access especially if you have 1) A messy base 2) multiple bases

6 months ago
Changed the status to
6 months ago

In addition, perhaps when in that search mode, allow a power passthrough for storage monitors that find the searched for item.

That way Flasher and Siren Lights can be placed on boxes alongside monitors to inform the player in-game which boxes contain that item.

5 months ago

Question, why not just have that built into the game at that point (opposed to having to open the app to do so)? so if a chest has a storage monitor on it, and you have it connected to your account, you just just search for it in some sort of interface. Whether or not this is used in the base interface or in some sort of station or maybe a mobile device is up to facepunch themselves though. Although i’d reconmend a mobile device that allows searching of monitors that are connected to your account, as having to continually go to a stationary devive like a cctv station would be waaaay to tedious.

4 months ago

There are many ideas which mention that in a 1 square foundation radius you should be able to craft things without looking in boxes to get the materials. I feel this all goes together somehow (this suggestion/idea and those).

22 days ago