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Storage monitor TC decay output#24724

Add an output for the storage monitor that will allow it to send a signal when your TC starts decaying. You could hook it up to a Smart Alarm and have it notify you when a TC has started decaying.

3 days ago

I would go a step farther and make it possible to define specific resources and an amount at which the storage monitor triggers.
I.e.: stone = 0 -> output = 1 . With this you could build something like a “decay sensor” with a TC.

2 days ago

I would go even another step farther and make it interactible with any kind of storage. It would have more modes of working, emiting signal when empty/full, have less,more,equal to amount, or if changed, opened..
It would be another useful item for ingame engineers.

2 days ago

Yeah, as a programmer I’d love to see conditional statements being added in some way or another.

2 days ago