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Armoured storage crates#24736

For people who wanna lock their stuff securely, and make them only destroyable with explosive damage

2 days ago

Or breaking foundation under I guess.

2 days ago

Ah yes, so we need to waste more explosives and make the game even grindier.

a day ago

let me word this better then he did lets add a safe in the game thats a tier 3 blueprint and requieres 45 hqm with a gear and 2 tech trash that can take up to 30 explosive 556 rounds to destroy and cannot be destroyed with tools such as the rock or metal pickaxe now it sounds like a good idea

a day ago

Some sort of safe. Costs gears, high quality metal, (tech trash for code function)?
It should have limited storage space though, and should be a tier 3 blueprint

15 hours ago