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Increase Radius - Comfort / Work Bench / Warmth#25676

Work Bench - I still feel as if you need to be standing close to it as we are using the bench to craft, But can we have workbench access an area that expands atleast an entire foundaton.

Comfort - It feels hard to get 100% comfort, I would like to see that the radius for items is increased by 2 foundations etc and have a multiplier in for comfort so if you have 3 campfires you dont stop at 50% comfort

Warmth - Is it possible to have warmth radius increase over time? So the longer the furnace and fires are on, the warmer the entire base becomes? this would allow living in the snow to be possible as long as you set up a campfire and had it burning for hald a day before night hit etc.

3 months ago

centralised/base heating is already planned.
Workbench radius being increased could result in people placing benches behind walls
The fix to said workbench issue could require LOS bullshit which could introduce bugs/glitches to workbenches
Comfort has multiple dedicated items as is and its very easy to hit 100%
E.g. Campfires and electric heaters give a base of 50%, and an extra 25% for each player beside you.
Rugs give 25%
bearrugs give 100%
Chairs, couches and tables all provide 100%
Fireplaces provide 100% (more of a roleplayer item tho)

Why should fires stack comfort? If anything that would just make you too hot anyways.

3 months ago