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Cars and the ways we can improve them#25994

Cars have been one of the better updates in Rust’s recent history. Greatly recieved and a huge amount of fun for roleplayers and chads alike, clannies and solos.
The recent addition of the campervan module has been a fantastic shot in the arm for our internal combustion vehicles, but frankly, there is a good amount more that we can do to make them a more useful and itegral part of Rust’s gameplay loop!

Firstly, Stability.
As much fun as it is to go flying about in all directions when hitting potholes or bumps in the road, it can be a bit painful when each dent and scrape is amounting to a decent tax on resources for repairs. Our cars should be more stable and less likely to turn themselves over on a gentle turn, frankly.
However, our tyres are not helping very much.
We should be able to swap tyres and alter the suspension as well. We should be able to choose between three main options:
The current tyres, which give a low offroad efficiency but a high onroad efficiency, plus has the lowest suspension.
A middle set, average across the board but with a lower top speed than the onroad tyres.
A big chunky set of offroad tyres, slow on normal roads but unmatched on uneven terrain, with raised suspension to stop from bottoming out all the time.

Secondly, more offensive uses of vehicles.
Vehicles can be powerful weapons against unshielded people, and crashing full bore into another player should be, for the most part, lethal. However, there are ways we can increase this lethality while providing other benefits.
Welding an enormous dozerblade covered in smaller spikes and edges would allow you to deliver more lethal car strikes, while also protecting your car! The dozerblade would have it’s own durability that would be drained instead of the car’s durability when it’s shot from the front, or when the car impacts something head-on. However, such a blade is heavy and cumbersome, and would make the car slower and less agile as a result.
By sacrificing an M249 to the gods of crafting, you can build a car component that mounts that very sought after weapon to the chassis of your vehicle! Now you can use your car like a mobile gun platform, driving around and laying down powerful fire from anywhere your car can reach! The M2 on the back would not need to reload, as it can be fired from a big drum of ammo stored nearby. However, it would begin to overheat after a while, and trying to fire it while on the move is a good way to simply waste ammo, as the gun is not stabilised. It would also leave the user very vulnerable, with no protection in a static gunner position.
The water holding module for the cars are useful for Roleplayers or people who need to carry lots of water for a big farm, but… what if it could be used for raiding? What if you could fill it up with low grade or crude oil, drive it up to a base and then blow it all up in a spectacular, devastating explosion?! That would be pretty cool, even if you have to sacrifice your car in the process. The explosion would have a huge range, so you need to be careful with it, and would pack a real punch, being easily enough to demolish stone and put major dents into sheet metal, but that comes at a cost, since that much fuel would be very time consuming and expensive to amass.

a year ago

@Adam Cook Couple changes I’d make since this is actually similar to some of my posts. For starters, the M249 should still have lower recoil mounted even when mobile simply due to locking the player in a vulnurable position and mobile shooting is already difficult. And for the fire bomb truck, I’d give it a much higher punch based on how full it is. after all, if you pack 5k low grade into it, it should be able to tear through some hqm walls or some stone high externals.

a year ago