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When are we getting Factorio-level electrical system#26430

I think if you add the following 3 new electrical components you can enable automation in rust:

  • Tubes : Transports items (Requires pipes to build, placement like cables)
  • Sorter : Splits items from tubes based on keywords or category into 2 tube outputs
  • Mover : Can remove or add items to box chests (Attach to a box)

All of these should also work with small and large furnaces.
Requires electricity to pump items around.

This would be cool.

14 days ago

Rust isn’t about automation in the same sense as a lot of survival games. This is because a lot of what you do in Rust doesn’t need automation since almost nothing has any sense of value. Things having value would make things desirable and be worth automating for. Furthermore, the eletrical system should be rewarding and have uses, but for the most part it’s just pointless since most things tend to be easier to manage by themselves and the high maintenance costs ensure that a solo player can never supercede a larger group in resources through tact or management, on the other hand a large group has man power so automation isn’t need. Also setting up is still high in cost for a solo or a large group who is more PVP oriented. While the costs have been reduced, research costs are extremely high if only attempting to do one function such as powering doors and there are higher priorities such as researching pvp related items such as guns in the short term of let’s say a week or month. Adding transporting tubes would add a lot of functionality to Rust that a lot of other games, even Fallout 4 have already done, but vanilla rust itself doesn’t facilitate anything but raiding and pvp since that is what the community wants and it makes nearly 90% of the game unneeded. You don’t need food, since you can med up and it’s considerably more easier, you don’t need cars, you don’t electricity since almost nothing interacts with it outside of doors, you don’t need vending machines since they only do so many transactions, you don’t need phones since no one communicates, and you don’t need an advanced base since you don’t play the game long enough to make it relevant. People are there to simply join the game, farm sulfur, kill a bunch of people and leave until the server dies, for most it’s just CS:GO with extra steps, other it’s just a second job. Also, anything out of the meta just sets you up as a target in most servers since most clans want to destroy meaningful things in a meaningless game.

Would be a cool mod idea for a PVE community server though since a lot of servers might actually address in the horrendous imbalance issues, but I can’t see FacePunch doing it justice since even the humble snow machine can’t be used with electricity. I am not disagreeing that it would be a good idea, but I believe it should follow the GMOD philosophy and have the community do it right instead of being micromanaged into every server that doesn’t want it.

14 days ago

Honestly the Mover is a great idea, if i didn’t cost so much scrap to research. That is the main problem with electricity.

12 days ago

automation would be cool on rust, considering the age this game is set to

12 days ago

If automation was in rust, people would learn how to be creative with it

8 days ago

@Lup You would just have a bunch of people unwilling to learn it and then complain about how OP it is in multiplayer. A great portion of the creativety of electricity never makes into vanilla gameplay anyways, but when it does, the entire server converges on it and wipes that base clean off the map. The janky trap bases that occur are hilarious and amazing at gaining loot, but dreaded by the common denominator because all they have is numbers.

7 days ago