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Rookie servers#26431


New accounts should play at least 40hs in rookie servers. This discourages reincidence in cheating and gives chance to new players to understand de basics. Cheaters wont have fun killing new players as this isnt different as just playing normally, also they risk paying the game without even being able to cheat on competitive servers. Make rookie servers the new soft core servers, and make a UI that enables making party with foes without having to be close one to another player.

Edit: make the 40hs threshold depend upon other things aswell, like:
A) killing some animals and scientists
B) placing and upgrading structures
C) amount of resources spent
D) amount of scrap spent in vending machines/blueprints

14 days ago

There are people out there that only derive fun from shitting on new players. This makes it so much easier for them to do so. No thanks.

14 days ago

I don’t think you got the idea. Rookie servers are ROOKIE ONLY. If you want to keep playing on them, then you should buy a lot of copies of rust in different steam accounts. It just doesn’t add up. If you’re hacking and you enjoy killing new players (you’re fucked up lol) then you can do it just for a maximum of 40 hs. This should actually discourage that (you only have a limited time for doing so). Also, if you want to hack on competitive servers, this will limit you aswell. It’s a win-win.

14 days ago

People would just smurf into the servers. Also rookies learn more from experienced players.

14 days ago

If no others than Rookies were allowed on, it might be an easier place to learn a lot of the game. But there really is a lot you learn from experienced players. Man I just had a 6k hour chadlette come through my casual server being a weenie all day every day in chat, dude’s base looked like it was his very first attempt at building. You know it’s bad when the role players call your base trash. But there’s stuff you may not learn on your own. Hell it was a year and a half before I learned that – – – – – instead of ———- pattern of using the jackhammer was less wear and tear on the tool. I still know people that have had rust for years more than I have that don’t know mini copters will decay without a roof over them.

See the interesting thing would be if experienced players could volunteer to play there and help new players out. There are people willing, my gaming community runs a noob friendly server that’s great for that. The current problem is people come specifically to pick on the noobs and in allowing experienced players along side the new that’s a possibility.

If you mean to suggest it to stop hackers, I assure you it won’t. When you spend a hundred to two hundred dollars on hacks, buying a new rust account is nothing.

13 days ago

unfortunately, people would smurf into servers to make themselves feel good

if you want rookie servers, just play on low pop solo/duo/trio servers

12 days ago

you really think people will buy the game many times, just to play against new players?

i don’t personally want rookie servers. i want more barriers for cheaters.

11 days ago

@Arielsm93 On free games it’s part of the game culture to do that often, so think CSGO or S4 League. However, cost does discourage that. The thing is, every sale.. every single one, decreases that discouragement. Rust does go on sale from time to time, and yes people who want to dunk on someone to get a rush of endorphines are willing to put some money into it at times.

You see this behavior irl, Karens for example. They aren’t all bad people, sometimes they’ve had a really shitty life or an expressly shitty day. But.. in that moment, they want to feel big. They make someone else small to do that. You’ll see them block lines and traffic, break things of worth, and disrupt whatever they can despite the end cost. Those people play games too and especially if it’s hackers you’re targeting, someone paying over a hundred bucks a month for hacks isn’t going to care if they had to spend money to buy a new account. Like I don’t support sticking newbies in their own servers, I don’t think it will solve the problems at large. Just think maybe more consideration into some key things is necessary.

It honestly makes me think back to Ark. You had to hack to fight the hackers a lot of the time, and I remember being told at one point if I ever lost my account in association with people using hacks in that group that I’d be compensated with a new account. Hell, there were occasions the leader got so tired of the hacker attacks that he offered to buy 40 something people a new account + hacks just to whip them. Ask yourself why. Is it hard or too expensive to get those accounts if they would do that willy nilly? And how does one afford that? Income. Look some people have nice jobs, some have allowances, some have fortunes, and some of them currently and formerly played games that allowed them to duplicate and sell valuable items.. like the eggs in Ark. Some of them don’t even need to play, they’re just middle men between farmer and buyer. Yeah, Rust plays different. Lot harder to sell things. But.. I came from Ark. What if that guy did too (he didn’t, just hypothetical). That would be someone that wouldn’t be limited by the number of accounts he could practically buy, sale or no sale.

I figure the solution needs to be in tools to alert, watch, and ban. Isolating people doesn’t fix it, it just creates more places that need watching. I think you’re right there, we agree on that from what I can tell. Just want you to be aware, there’s some nasty folks with resources enough that yeah they’ll absolutely do stuff that you or I would think is prohibitive.

10 days ago