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Hotbar and new binds mechanic - default slots. UI rework = Better pvp#26433

I think the hotbar mechanic needs a rework that can be complemented with some keybinds.

I would like to combine two concepts. A single primary weapon with a single secondary weapon. And two single keybinds for both of these. Youre still able to carry more weapons in your inv, but you should open inventory and manually swap them before being able to equip them.

This would mean distinctive slots for special kinds of items. It is applicable with medical items and ammo aswell. You could have three reserved slots for bandages, srynges and medkits. If you occupy these, the bind for each of these items will automatically use the corresponding item. Example: i have some bandages in my inventory. So i can just press B and i have my bandages equipped. If i have more than 3 bandages, the rest would have to be in my normal inventory slots. As i spend bandages, i would first consume the ones in the normal slots, and finnally the ones in the special slot (making taking meds more automatic and across-equipment-setup constant). If you have a medkit, you will always have it equipped in the medkit slot, making the new getup feature more consistent and useful. If you switch weapons, provided with you having ammo for these, then the ammo

This concept could also be implemented for grenades and cover items. Allowing you to have a consistent keybind for these items and automatically equipping them as you need them. Hotbar can still stay as it is, altough maybe get nerfed to 4 items only. Some low tier weapons should be equippable in the hotbar menu aswell, so using (example) crossy+nailgun+eoka would still be a thing.

Also, why not make a keybind for building plan. So you dont have to equip it, you just press a key and (assuming you have one) you have it equipped. I dont even think you should craft the building plan, having wood should be enough with this system. Hammer still a thing.

Also, the HUD should (optionally) show you your current ammo and reserve ammo, aswell as reserve medical items, grenades and cover. (Why not equipment health in a color scale with a little human shape). This could be disabled on hardcore servers and also could be assigned to a new keybind (hold or toggle)

Finnally let me add, all these changes would make the game more immersive (less need to manage inventory in general, specially during pvp). But also, this would imply you wont have to think through “shall i drop these bandages to get some more loot?” “Better not carry these grenades, as i could just bring more components”. You always guarantee some pvp slots, and some extra loot slots. Just as equipment slots, as being protected shouldnt nerf your capability of carrying more loot. Players coming from other games will enjoy these changes so much.

6 months ago