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H Gene in plants#26438


Make this gene competitive as well.

Example: 10% increased Health restored per H gene on the plant. So with 4x H genes a pumpkin would heal 14 health instead of 10.

Also makes sense because it starts with an H :D

2 years ago

Personally, I think the “H” gene should relate to hardiness, allowing plants to attain higher “happiness” values than would otherwise be possible at a given condition.

2 years ago

I don’t even think genes work right now as a plant with all Ys will yield less than a random plant with red genes. at full health.

2 years ago

Mcflurry I’ll have to test that out before the next wipe, I hope it’s not true.

But eh.. honestly I just miss the old algorhythm for getting random genetics. At first, it might takes me 100-200 seeds to get something good to amazing. Ever since those first few months, I’ve needed more and more and more seeds. I swear there are some letters in certain numbered slots on the genetics 1-6 that are extremely rare to get now. Like I lucked out this wipe getting a nearly perfect hemp plant in 100 seeds, the last three wipes I’ve gone through 400-600 seeds because of the number that had 3+ H or 2 red.

2 years ago

@Hatchettwit That’s because everyone figured out you can just spam out a lot of seeds and get the desired planted through brute force. Selective breed should be better.

2 years ago